Shadowrun Adventure Dates

In the table below are the dates for FASA-published adventures for Shadowrun, and is useful for gamemasters who want to play them in the correct order in their campaign. In nearly all cases, the dates were taken from the Seattle Newsnet Intelligencer that appears in the back of many adventures. As such, it represents the date by which the adventure is OVER; exceptions are noted in the table.

I've avoided putting in spoilers for what actually happens in the adventures, so all players can learn from this table is which adventures they might expect around which points in the Shadowrun timeline.

Perhaps it's unnecessary, but I'll mention for Americans and others using funny date notations that the dates in this file are in a day-month-year format.

The dates for the sourcebooks are in a separate file. The names of the books are linked to short reviews; to read the review, click on the name of the book.

You will notice that the dates in the adventures don't always follow the same order as FASA's stock numbers; for example, DNA/DOA was the first Shadowrun adventure published, but chronologically it's second or third, if not later depending on when you think Harlequin and Silver Angel should take place exactly.

Thanks to Mark Steedman for supplying the dates for the adventures I didn't own when I originally compiled this list.

Gurth <>

Date Adventure FASA no. Notes
??-??-2050 Silver Angel 7102 Can take place almost any time.
12-02-2050 Mercurial 7302
17-08-2050 Dreamchipper 7303
??-08-2050 Harlequin 7306 Can take place almost any time; date is from player handouts.
12-12-2050 DNA/DOA 7301
15-01-???? Queen Euphoria 7304 Most likely 2051.
15-01-???? Bottled Demon 7305 Most likely 2051; same date as Queen Euphoria.
10-05-2051 Missing Blood 7205 Adventure from The Universal Brotherhood.
08-06-2051 Ivy & Chrome 7311
08-09-2051 Dark Angel 7313 Intro says "The year is 2054."
23-09-2051 Eye Of The Eagle 7207 Adventure from Native American Nations: Volume Two.
09-10-2051 Dragon Hunt 7307
09-10-2051 Imago 7309 Same date as Dragon Hunt.
26-10-2051 Peacekeeper 7202 Adventure from Native American Nations: Volume One.
14-11-2051 Total Eclipse 7308
20-05-2053 Elven Fire 7310
25-08-2053 One Stage Before 7312
10-06-2054 A Killing Glare 7314
??-??-2054 Celtic Double Cross 7315 Date is from BBC news report in adventure synopsis.
??-12-2054 Paradise Lost 7317 Date is from sourcebook section.
??-??-2055 Double Exposure 7319 Timeline critical, FASA publication date suggests 2055, but this adventure must occur well after Missing Blood and at least months before Bug City.
??-??-2055 Eye Witness 7316 Can take place almost any time.
??-??-2055 Harlequin's Back 7320 Can take place almost any time.
??-05-2056 Divided Assets 7318 Can take place any time between ??-07-2055 and ??-05-2056, based on child's date of birth.
07-08-2057 Super Tuesday! 7322 Date is from Dunkelzahn's Secrets; can take place almost any time in 2057 before August.
??-10-2057 Missions 7325 Actually only Mission Mars is time-critical, and must occur within months of Dunkelzahn's will being published.
01-01-2058 Mob War! 7326 Date is beginning of adventure.
??-??-2059 Predator And Prey 7324 Can take place almost any time.
28-07-2060 Blood In The Boardroom 7327 Can take place any time between 09-08-2057 and 28-07-2060.
19-12-2059 Renraku Arcology: Shutdown 7328 Date is starting date of events described in the book.
??-??-2061 First Run 7329 Can take place virtually any time; only Supernova needs to be set in 2061.