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[Book icon] Photo books

All of these are PDF files containing a short history, a fairly detailed description and a series of photographs with detailed captions of the subject of the net.book. Although they can be viewed on-screen, they are really intended for printing out onto paper.

[Cover of IS-2M]


An improved version of the World War II IS-2 heavy tank, the IS-2M was used until the 1970s by the Soviet Army as a second-line vehicle. This net.book contains 29 photographs of this tank as it can be seen at the Imperial War Museum Duxford in the UK, as well as a description, modelling notes, and more, and includes detailed photographs of the post-World War II Russian tank helmet as a bonus feature!
-> Download here · 5.5 MB PDF

[Cover of T-55 Enigma]

Iraqi T-55 Enigma

By the time of the 1991 Gulf War, the Iraqi army had equipped a number of its T-55 main battle tanks with additional armour on the hull and turret; these were soon dubbed Enigma T-55s due to their mysterious background. Several were captured by the Coalition and shipped to the US and Europe, where they now reside in museums. This net.book details the real vehicle, and also has extensive drawings showing the armour's fit and dimensions!
-> Download here · 3.4 MB PDF

[Cover of Regelbau 501 & 502 bunkers]

Second World War German Bunkers, part 1
Regelbau 501: einfacher Gruppenunterstand
& Regelbau 502: Doppelgruppenunterstand

The German Atlantikwall was a defensive line built on the European coast from the north of Norway to the south of France, consisting of a great number of concrete fortifications of all sizes and types. The type 501 and 502 bunkers were personnel shelters, and are described in detail in this net.book using photographs of surviving ones on the Dutch coast as well as computer models based on measurements of the real thing.
-> Download here · 5.8 MB PDF

[Cover of V-750 Surface-to-Air Missile]

V-750 surface-to-air missile (version 1.01)

Perhaps better known as the SA-2 Guideline, the V-750 is one of the most widely-used surface-to-air missiles developed so far, used in large numbers in both the former Warsaw Pact and other countries supplied by the Soviet Union and China during the Cold War. This slightly-updated version of this net.book has photographs showing the whole length of the missile and its transport trailer, as well as details of the weapon, its history and combat use.
-> Download here · 1.9 MB PDF

[Cover of Medium A "Whippet" second edition]

Medium Tank Mark A Whippet, second edition

The Whippet of 1918 was the first British medium tank, designed to be both lighter and faster than the earlier heavy tanks. This updated edition of the earlier net.book on the Whippet contains a brief history, an overview of the vehicle's construction and modelling notes, in addition to 61 photographs of no less than three preserved examples of this tank—including extensive coverage of the crew compartment interior!
-> Download here · 11.9 MB PDF
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