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NERPS: Net Enhancements for Role-Playing Shadowrun

FASA's Web Page is up and working.

Other Gaming Material

Roleplaying is

the (deep breath) statistical generation, representation and manipulation of cellulose stored, mneumonically operated figurative entities in a electrochemical virtual reality situation. (gasp) that's random rolled and dice skilltested characters on paper that you imagine being. (thanks to CHOPPER)

Wargaming with LEGO!

So you're a wargamer. But what did you play with before you discovered mass battles with lead soldiers on a green tablecloth?

LEGO maybe?

If you did, then you might be interested in one of the following files that let you use all those old toys that are collecting dust in some closet in your house right now...

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Some biography-like material

(which I bet nobody cares about in the first place, but I'll post it here anyway.)
My life is like sideways rain, swirling round through the air
—Thelonious Monster, Body & Soul

Gurth feels he's still a veteran newcomer to "the net," discovering in early 1994 that he could do more with his school's computer network than send messages within the school. Forced to leave school in June '94, he was initially without access, until he discovered De Digitale Stad around September that same year, and a few months later he got full access at xs4all.

Roleplaying Games

Gurth's main interests go out to roleplaying games, a hobby which he rolled into partly because of his other hobby of building scale models. Over the past few years, his modelbuilding has declined somewhat, giving way to more roleplaying. He got involved in this hobby by some modelling magazines, after which he bought his first game (BattleTech) in the summer of 1991. That same year he turned to playing AD&D with some high-school friends, but these days, he mainly plays — or rather: GMs, most of the time — Shadowrun (since 1992). Other RPGs he's bought (but not necessarily played) include Earthdawn, MERP (which he doesn't like at all), Vampire: The Masquerade, Höl: Human Occupied Landfill, Twilight:2000, Cyberpunk: 2020, and Millennium's End.

Mailing Lists and Other Internet-RPG Things

Gurth can be found on the ShadowRN and NERPS mailing lists, and has written a number of minor game supplements for Shadowrun. Currently, he is writing a roleplaying game (as yet titleless, it used to be a time-travel affair but at the moment it's starting to look more like it will be military-through-the-ages, and looking like he'll never stop finetuning it) set in a world that's a cross between the real world and just about any F/SF book or movie he has seen to date.
On Thu, 23 Mar 1995 07:06:05 -0600, Gurth (together with Damion Milliken) was turned into a nominee for "Unofficial Shadowrun Guru" by Keith Johnson, a title which since that date appears in his often-changing .signature :)
On 21 August 1995, Gurth took over from J.D. Falk as NERPS editor, a Shadowrun-related mailing list "that serves as a committee base for a group of individuals spending time organizing and writing up a series of net.shadowrun manuals."

Other Interests

Except for roleplaying and modelling, he likes listening to what he calls "good music," which he defines as "music that'll be around for some time, not the junk that's on the charts most of the time." Looking at his music collection, we can conclude that "good" music includes, but is not limited to, such diversities as Tori Amos, Bad Religion, Beck, Dire Straits, Lagwagon, Nirvana, R.E.M., Paul Simon and The Offspring. In his spare time (of which he has a lot), Gurth is often messing around with a word processor, writing all sorts of things — which will likely never see the light of day — for his favorite roleplaying games. He also spends quite some time watching tv, among his favorite shows being such all-time classics (ahem) as Babylon 5, M*A*S*H, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The X-Files. He's also written uop a little text about films he likes.
Currently unemployed, Gurth is a college dropout with only a high-school diploma and no real desire to get a job in the real world.

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