Humanity Test

This is a Humanity test. It is similar to the ever-popular Purity test, except it is meant for Cyberpunk or Shadowrun characters. If you take this for yourself, don't blame me.
For questions marked with an 'A', score one point for a positive answer. For 'B', score one for a negative. For 'C', SUBTRACT one for a positive.

There are 400 questions. The higher your score, the closer you are to the Edge.

As far as what your score means, try this: Take your score and divide it by the number of questions. Ie, the percentage of possible points you got. Then multiply this by your character's STARTING empathy. This will give you your APPARENT empathy. This would indicate how you "come across" to people who have just met you, or don't know you well. This is more of a role-playing thing than anything else. Enjoy.

TARGET (A) -----------

1. Have you ever killed a person?

2. That you knew who you knew personally?

3. That you loved?

4. Whose identity you didn't know?

5. On your own team?

6. Working for a friendly corp or govt?

7. In your family?

8. A sibling?

METHOD (A) -----------

9. Have you ever killed a person with your bare hands?

10. With a hand weapon?

11. Indirectly (bomb, poison, etc)?

12. With a vehicle?

13. By pushing them from a height?

14. Through an employee, an animal, or a remote system?

15. By setting them up so that someone else would kill them?

16. By using someone else as a decoy?

17. By using someone who didn't know they were acting as a decoy?

PROSTITUTION (A) -----------

18. Have you ever sold your body for money/favors/etc?

19. Have you ever sold someone else?

20. Have you ever sold body parts for money/favors/etc?

21. Someone else's?

22. Have you ever hired yourself out to procure such people?

23. Have you ever sold someone else's cyberwear for money/favors/etc?

LOCATION (A) -----------

24. Have you ever killed a person in a vehicle?

25. From a moving vehicle?

26. In fair combat?

27. In combat when on their side (friendly fire isn't)?

28. In a public place?

29. In a "neutral" area?

30. In a hospital/ripperdoc clinic?

31. In their office?

32. In their home?

33. In your home?

34. In a religous area (church, graveyard, chapel, etc)?

35. In public (ie someone saw it happen)?

36. In front of a witness on purpose?

37. Inside a corp building friendly to you?

38. Friendly to your target?

39. Inside any corp/govt stronghold/zero-zone/bunker/etc?

40. On TV?

41. Live?

NON-"VIOLENT" METHODS (A) -----------

42. Have you ever killed someone with poison?

43. With a disease or virus (must have been deliberately infected)?

44. With a bomb?

45. By strangulation?

46. By drowning?

47. By torture?

48. Through blood loss/shock (ie kneecapped and left to die)?

49. Unarmed (ie with hands, cyberwear, teeth, etc)?

50. By burning the building/vehicle down around them?

51. With dousing/injecting/immersion in acid, toxic waste, etc?

MOTIVE (A) -----------

52. Have you ever killed someone at random (ie gun into a crowd)?

53. Out of rage/love/fear/other strong, spur-of-the-moment emotion?

54. Accidentally?

55. For fun?

56. For no reason?

57. For clothing or food?

58. To use AS clothing or food?

59. In self-defense?

60. For their money?

61. For their position?

62. Because they were a rival?

63. Because someone asked/told you to?

64. Because someone paid you to?

65. In the line of duty/on the job (ie not a specific target)?

66. As part of a religous or gang ritual?

67. To "send a message" to someone?

68. Because they were shooting at someone else (not you)?

69. Because they were shooting at someTHING else?

70. Because they drew a gun (or other weapon, or offensve cyberwear)?

71. Because they were in your way?

72. Because they were witnesses?

73. Because they were there?

74. Because you felt like it?

75. Because they "asked for it"?

NUMBER (A) -----------

76. Have you ever killed more than one person at once?

77. Have you ever killed a large group at once (car bomb, bomb on SO, gassing)?

78. Have you ever killed one or more bystanders along with your target?

CAPABILITIES (A) -----------

79. Can you see in more than one spectrum?

80. Do you change spectrums without realizing it?

81. Do you weigh more than 5 lbs. per inch of height?

82. Can you bend aluminum (assume 1 cm thickness)?

83. Iron?

84. Steel?

85. Titanium?

86. Armor plate?

87. Can you lift more than your own weight?

88. More than your car's weight?

89. Can you puncture metal with your hands (or other body part)?

90. Can you run faster than an average person?

91. Faster than an average car?

92. Faster than a speeding car?

93. Can you determine your location with only your own internal systems?

94. Have you ever had one or more orbital-designed cybersystems implanted?

95. Do you have one or more non-melee weapons installed?

96. Have you ever had an AI or smart system implanted to monitor your systems?

97. Can you shrug off 5mm gunfire (ie maybe take damage, but function 


98. 9mm?

99. 10mm?

100. 12mm?

101. 20mm?

102. If you were set aflame, would you be killed? ---- (B)

103. Would you be damaged? ---- (B)

104. Would you notice? ---- (B)

105. Would you care? ---- (B)

106. Would you, with only your "body", set off a conventional metal detector?

RECORDS (A) -----------

107. Have you ever been arrested?

108. Convicted?

109. Imprisoned?

110. Had a warrant issued for your arrest?

111. For your termination?

112. In more than one state?

113. In more than one country?

114. In an orbital station?

115. Do these records still exist? ---- (B)

116. Have you ever been pardoned or had charges dropped?

117. Have you ever escaped a sentence early (ie jailbreak, bribe, etc)?


118. Have you ever had one or more limbs replaced?

    If yes with a cyberlimb or a limb from someone you knew, double points.

119. Have you had any part of your body plated?

120. Have you replaced one or more major organs?

121. One or more sensory organs (not including skin)?

122. Your skin?

123. Have you ever been full-body plated?

124. Body converted?

125. Have you ever owned/been assigned to more than more body at once?

126. Sought psychological counseling for cyberpsychosis? ---- (B)

127. Been forced into cyberpsychological counseling?

ELECTIVE SURGERY (A) -----------

128. Have you ever had body parts replaced because of damage?

129. Because you wanted an upgraded body part?

130. Because you wanted an item implanted that necessitated the replacement of

   the part?

131. Because you didn't like the part?

132. Because it was fashionable?

133. Because you had spare cash?

134. Because you were drunk/smashed (does not include cyberliver)?

135. Because it was required for a job or gang?

COMBAT (A) -----------

136. Have you ever been involved in a major war?

137. Minor war?

138. Corporate war?

139. Corporate or government covert operation?

140. Gang war?

141. Bar brawl?

142. Started any of the above?

143. Caused any of the above (not necessarily the same thing)?

CRIMES (A) -----------

144. Have you ever commited murder 1?

145. Rape?

146. Arson?

147. Kidnapping?

148. Theft of valuables?

149. Theft of equipment or information (electronic funds count)?

150. Theft of a body (not necessarily human)?

151. Organlegging?

152. Drug manufacturing?

153. Alteration of information or electronic funds?

CHIPWARE (A) -----------

154. Have you ever used skillchips?

155. Multiple skillchips simultaneously?

156. Personality chips?

157. Mood-altering chips (stress, adrenalin, etc)?

158. Have you ever learned skills from using skillchips repeatedly?

159. Have you ever been used AS a personality chip?

EMPLOYMENT (A) -----------

160. Have you ever belonged to a government or corporate combat team?

161. A black ops team?

162. A major street gang?

163. A police or security force?

164. A poser gang?

CHEMICALS (A) -----------

165. Have you ever used Smash?

166. Dorphs?

167. Black Lace?

168. Memory enhancers?

169. Other personality-altering chemicals?

170. Experimental chemicals?

CYBERSPACE (A) -----------

171. Have you ever used the Net?

172. Jacked into the Net?

173. Used a cyberdeck for any other purpose (ie remote operation)?

174. Been attacked by ICE?

175. Used life-support equipment to remain in the Net?

176. Remained in the Net for longer than a 24-hour period?

177. Have you ever been "possessed" by a Net entity (ie Lich program, 

   AI, etc)?

178. Have you ever had an AI or other entity share your body (ie through means 

   of cyberwear)?

179. Have you ever done either of the above as the controlling agent?

180. Have you ever suffered from virtual reality addiction?

181. Net addiction?

182. Have you ever constructed or bought a Virtual Reality with the intention of

   "retiring" there (ie spending more than half of your time within)?

INJURY (A) -----------

183. Have you ever lost a limb to damage?

184. A major organ?

185. A sensory organ?

186. Have you ever been addicted to one or more substances?

187. Braintaped?

188. Cloned?

189. Have you ever flatlined, then recovered?

190. Died, and been brought back with vat-grown clones and a braintape?

191. Hospitalized (or otherwise treated) for cyberpsychosis?

192. Have you ever suffered traumatic amnesia?

193. Suffered trauma-induced insanity?

194. Have you ever been braindanced?

195. Personality altered in any other way (ie braintape overwrite)?

196. Have you ever been burned over more than 50% of your body?

197. Have you ever suffered seizures, blackouts, or other ill effects as a

   result of exposure to an EMP burst?

198. A chemical agent (mace, teargas, mustard gas, etc)?

199. Have you ever suffered a major organ failure (appendicitis, heart attack,

   liver failure, etc)?

200. Have you ever suffered any of the above effects as a result of a disease,

   virus, or overdose?

RELATIONSHIPS (A) -----------

201. Have you ever been physically involved with someone (ie more than once)? 

   ---- (B)

202. Emotionally? ---- (B)

203. With a family member?

204. With a clone?

205. With your own clone?

206. With an inanimate object?

207. With an animal?

208. With an exotic?

209. With a corpse?

210. Have you ever killed someone to use as a corpse in this way?

211. Forced a partner into relations?

212. Have you ever become physically or emotionally involved with someone for 


213. In order to kill them?

214. In order to replace them?

215. Have you ever had a family member die at someone's hands?

216. At your own?


217. Have you ever hurt someone (broken limb or worse) to prove a point?

218. To win an argument?

219. To get their attention?

220. To get information from them?

221. To get information from someone else?

222. To win a bet?

223. Because you were bored?

224. To get something from them (money, valuables, clothes)?

225. To use their body for parts (ie selling them or transplanting them)?

226. To subdue and capture them?

MEMOIRS (A) -----------

227. Have you ever kept items as trophies (ID cards, license plates, 

   weapons, etc)?

228. Body parts?

229. Bodies?

230. Living people?

CANNIBALISM (A) -----------

231. Have you ever eaten raw meat?

232. Human flesh?

233. Living flesh (human or other)?

234. Have you ever drunk human blood from an artificial source (IV, plasma 

unit, etc.)?

235. From a fresh source (living or only recently killed)?

236. Animal blood (from either source)?

237. Have you ever been psychologically addicted to blood (any source)?

238. To raw flesh (any source)?


239. Have you ever experimented with vivisection or dissection for non-medical


240. Removed or transplanted body parts (not your own)?

241. Your own (with or without anesthesia)?

242. Sculpted corpses as an art form?

243. Sculpted living subjects as an art form?

244. Collected people of a particular type (living or dead) as art?

245. Have you ever attempted to "build a perfect person" out of assembled 


246. Have you ever killed or collected specimens for such a project?

247. Have you ever implanted cyberwear into an unwilling/unaware subject?

248. Have you ever implanted experimental cyberwear in such a subject?

249. Have you ever used chemicals on an unwilling/unaware subject?

250. Experimental chemicals?

251. Have you ever had experimental chemicals or cyberwear used on you (with or

   without your consent)?

252. Have you ever carved scars/tatoos/ID marks/etc in a subject?

253. In an unwilling subject?

254. Yourself (you carved your own marks)?


255. Have you ever rejected a job because of ethical objections?

256. Because of legal objections?

257. Because of personal conflicts (target was someone you knew, etc)?

258. Because you didn't want to be involved with the prospective employer?

259. Because you felt it was beneath you?

260. Beyond you?

261. Because it took you some place you didn't want to be?

262. Because it took you away from your home area?

263. Because it would take too long?

264. Because someone you knew needed the job more?

265. Because you didn't want to deal with the competition for the job?

266. Because you didn't want to work with someone else on the team?

267. Have you ever accepted a job because it would get you out of a dangerous 


268. Because it would get you out of/away from (potential) trouble?

269. Because you needed the money, regardless of the personal price? ---- (A)

270. For the fun of it/for something to do? ---- (A)

271. Have you ever accepted a job, then double-crossed your employer? ---- (A)

272. Have you ever been double-crossed BY an employer?

273. Have you ever accepted more than one job at once with conflicting purposes?

 ---- (A)

274. Have you ever walked out on a job uncompleted for any reason other than 


275. Have you ever accepted a bribe not to complete a job? ---- (A)

276. Have you ever failed to complete a job? ---- (B)

277. Have you ever been given incorrect/incomplete information about a job, then

   been paid by your employer normally?

278. Have you ever subcontracted a job out to someone else? ---- (A)

BLACKMAIL (A) -----------

279. Have you ever collected information for the purposes of blackmail?

280. Have you ever blackmailed someone?

281. Have you ever falsified information to blackmail someone?

282. Have you ever been blackmailed?

283. Have you ever killed anyone or had them killed because they were 

   blackmailing you?

284. Have you ever double-crossed someone who agreed to submit to being 


285. Has anyone ever been killed by someone else because they possessed 

   knowledge they could blackmail you with, whether or not they intended to 

   do so?

CAREER (A) -----------

286. Have you ever started a mercenary group?

287. Have you ever freelanced for a major corporation or government?

288. Have you ever founded a country?

289. A religon or political movement?

290. A criminal organization?

291. A major street gang (ie one capable of dealing with the NCPD)?

292. Inspired a poser gang?

293. Founded a corporation or business with the intention of competing directly

   with the "big boys" (ie Arasaka, Militech, Network 54, etc)?

294. Have you ever run for government office (any government)?

(In the following "career" questions, "as a direct result" means within a 


295. Have you ever toppled a government as a direct result of your actions?

296. A major politician?

297. A minor corporation?

298. A major corporation?

299. A mega-corp?

300. A religon?

301. Installed a government or incited a rebellion?

302. Started/starred in a major "urban legend" (to be major, it must have been  

   repeated by someone not directly involved in at least 10 cities)?

303. Actually caused a govt or corporate reform which worked?

304. Exposed a major scandal which resulted in a noticeable change in the world


RISKS (*) -----------

In this category, each question will have two parts. The first is as written.

The second is "Would you again?" Score each part seperately. Some will have

different letter codes for the two parts.

305. Have you ever risked death (ie firefight, burning building, speeding 

   vehicle) for profit (bet, dare)? ---- (A/A)

307. For a friend's life? ---- (C/B)

309. For a teammate's life? ---- (C/B)

311. For someone you didn't know? ---- (C/C)

313. Because someone asked you to? ---- (C/C)

315. For an animal? ---- (C/C)

317. For fun? ---- (A/A)

319. To fulfil a contract/obligation (legal)? ---- (C/B)

321. To keep your word? ---- (C/B)

323. To prevent some occurance? ---- (A/A)

325. To cause some occurence? ---- (A/A)

327. Because you were forced or blackmailed? ---- (C/B)

329. For an opponent's life? ---- (C/C)

330. On behalf of someone who wasn't there (ie hostage)? ---- (C/C)

AFTERMATH (C) -----------

331. Have you ever healed someone's mortal wounds?

332. Stabilized someone until better trteatment could be provided?

333. Revived someone who had flatlined?

334. Donated blood or organs for someone?

335. Healed your own wounds?

336. Cauterized or amputated to save someone's life?

337. Killed someone or had them die because you were not skilled enough?

338. Because of a lack of materials or drugs?

339. Had someone die because of an accidental OD or mis-application?

340. Failed to provide treatment you were capable of? ----(A)

341. Killed a patient deliberately (with or without making it seem 

   accidental)? ---- (A)

BEHIND THE SCENES (A) ----------

342. Have you ever given an order or otherwise caused to be set in motion any

   operation which resulted in massive public property damage? 

343. Which resulted in major injuries for a hostile or neutral force?

344. For a non-combatant group?

345. For a friendly force not involved in the op?

346. Which resulted in major loss of life for a neutral/hostile force?

347. For a non-combatant group?

348. For a friendly force not involved in the op?

349. Which resulted in long-term loss of life through disease, toxins, or

   destruction of resources (ie toxic dumping, urban pacification, etc)?

350. For a non-combatant group?

351. For a friendly force not involved in the op?

352. Which resulted in mass destruction of property or shelter?

353. For a non-combatant group?

354. For a friendly force not involved in the op?

355. Which resulted in the destruction of an entire hostile or neutral base, 

   town, or other discrete population? (score double)

356. Of a non-combatant group?

357. Of a friendly force not involved in the op?

358. Have you ever participated in any of the above ops?

359. Volunteered?

BYSTANDING (A) -----------

360. Have you ever let someone die when you were capable of preventing it?

361. Stopped a crime you were not involved in? ---- (C)

362. COMPLETED a crime you were not involved in (ie mugged EVERYBODY)?

363. Led or deliberately sent someone to their death?


364. Have you ever personally undertaken an operation for a good cause?

365. Have you ever undertaken an operation because it had to be done?

366. Have you done either of the above against a group which was publicly

   popular (ie corruption in the Red Cross)?

367. Against a group which was much more powerful and/or dangerous than it


368. Against a group which fit both of the above criteria (eg Universal


369. Have you ever attempted to apprehend or kill a criminal because he was

   affecting an area or group you were connected with (the Friendly

   Neighborhood Full-Body Borg)?

370. Have you ever attempted an op against a particular public figure for

   the fame involved? ---- (A)

371. Against a public figure to set an example (ie assassinating the


RABBLE-ROUSING (A) -----------

372. Have you ever raised a group of non-professionals in order to send them

   to attack something (ie the famous Rockerboy trick)?

373. In order to provide a distraction?

374. In order to get rid of them?

375. In order to get rid of a particular person or faction among them?

376. For the fame involved?

377. Have you ever sent such a group against a harmless target (ie rioting 

   against the local YMCA)?

378. Against a vastly overpowering target (ie Girl Scout Troop 362 vs. Arasaka


379. Have you ever attacked a particular target more than once?

380. As part of an ongoing campaign (ie widespread revolt against the UB)?

FIREPOWER (A) -----------

381. Have you ever gotten illegal access to military rifles or machineguns?

382. Explosives?

383. Vehicles?

384. Weapons of mass destruction (ie gas, nukes, MIRVs, FAEs)?

385. Have you ever attacked a military or corporate facility to acquire such


386. Have you ever used such equipment against a civilian (non-military, non-

   corp) target?

387. Have you ever sold such equipment from inside a military or corp unit?

388. Have you ever joined and left a unit with the specific purpose of

   acquiring such equipment (ie enlist and defect)?

389. Have you ever used such equipment against it's owners (ie stealing a tank,

   destroying the base with it later)?

390. Have you ever altered military or corporate information in order to have

   such equipment used against a target ("The 387th Bomb Wing just attacked...

   Des Moines??")?

391. Have you ever been involved in a conflict and used weapons that were


392. That were banned by international law (ie mustard gas, nerve gas)?

393. For the specific purpose of testing and/or using such weapons?

THE TRUTH (C) -----------

394. Have you ever stolen or uncovered information with the intent of making

   the truth about something known?

395. In order to throw suspicion against someone?

396. In order to cause reforms or necessary changes in policy?

397. In order to ruin someone or destroy a corp or government?

398. Have you ever manufactured false evidence to provoke suspicion leading

   to real information?

399. Have you ever falsified duplicates of incriminating information?

400. Do you enjoy your work? ----(A)