Shadowrun Bioware

Morninman's Intro

This is a collection of bioware based on a listing of genetic modifications I put together for my Genejob supplement. I'm still revising the rather kludgy genetic design rules for GJ to a more streamlined form, but thought you may find this useful. I'd like to thank Psyberex, DaNightOwl, TBabilon, Fight TSR, and especially EngineerX at America Online for their help. Suggestions for improving this collection are welcomed, nay, encouraged.

Gurth's Intro

What you're looking at here is a conversion of Morninman's bioware supplement to Shadowrun. When I first read this, I thought "This is really neat, too bad I don't play CP2020," but when I asked Morninman about doing a Shadowrun version of it, he immediately agreed. It turned out I only had to chop out one item because it did exactly the same as one already published by FASA... So, new toys for the characters. Enjoy!

You can reach Morninman here, and Gurth by clicking at these words.


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"It was spooky. When we finally opened the door the room was totally dark except for the strobing light from flatscreen panels surrounding the terminals. The panels just kept flipping from one display to another..flip, flip, flip..really fast. I was a little disoriented, so it took me a second or two to realize someone was sitting at the terminals. Kids. A dozen of 'em, and they couldn't have been more than six, maybe seven years old. They just ignored us and stared at the screens.
"What was left of their instructor was stuck in a closet in the back of the room. They'd tied him up and gone over him with soldering lasers. And his eyes, they were…never mind.
"I knew they were smart, that's why ConGen was paying us to get one, but whatever they did to up their IQs messed up something in their heads. When we delivered 'em all to the drop-off point the troops in the aerodyne jumped out and put restraints on the little monsters before they loaded 'em onboard. If I knew then what I know now I'd have lined them up and put a round right between those big, staring eyes. Would've saved them, and the rest of us, a lot of suffering."
-- Lt. Jason Mgabi, "Fireflash" mercenary cadre


Legality: Legal
Trust in ConGen to give you a hand...literally! This handy little bit of bioware is a bundle of cultivated nerve tissue that links the motor coordination areas of both sides of the brain to make the subject ambidextrous. You'll be the envy of your fellow edgerunners as you stun the competition with moves they'd never expect.

Body Cost   Availability  Cost         Street Index
.2/level    10/6 days     15,000Y/level     3
Tasks performed with the off-hand normally have a penalty applied to the target number (see page 81, Fields of Fire). The neural bridge reduces the penalty by its level. For four weeks after implantation any skill use using the former "off" hand will be at half level until the subject adjusts to the new neural pathways.


Legality: 8P-BB
Genetek's work with the "living fossil" bacteria recovered from the Deep Shaft project has made the cover of in-fozines around the globe. The scientific community was stunned when we successfully recovered organisms incorpo-rating a unique polymer biology from more than 12 kilometers beneath the Earth's surface. The first commercial product from that research is now available for the first time: Neo-myelin. Standard myelin is a protein compound that blankets your nerve cells and prevents interference with the neural impulses traveling through them. Neo-myelin does the same thing, only better! Our improved biopolymer sheathing is fully compatible with human biology, increases transmission efficiency, and cuts down on bio-electrical interference. Get the speed you need with Genetek!
Body Cost   Reaction   Availability   Cost     Street Index
.4          +1         4/5 days       7,000Y   1.5


Legality: Legal
When you feel the need for speed, but don't like keeling over every time someone pops off a microwaver or EMP grenade, FastPath is the way to go! The latest in medical nanotechnology is used to replace your central nerve trunks with genetically engineered nerve cells with enlarged axon diameters. The increased size means the electrochemical impulses zip down pathways with more surface area to support neuron to neuron chemical transmission and less interference from stray signals. Just watch the reaction from those boosted cyberheads when you move as fast as they do, but shrug off multiple microwaver hits. Incompatible with Kerenzikov boosterware and boosted reflexes due to transit state neural interference, but Sandevistan boosterware can be used.
Level   Reaction   Body Cost   Availability     Cost     Street Index
1       +1         .3          4/4 days         8,000Y   1.25
2       +2         .45         5/4 days         15,000Y  1.25


Legality: Legal
Tired of forgetting things? Looking to keep information safely stored without having to worry about questionable security or EMP "accidents"? Shukutei Biomed once again redefines the cutting edge of personal brain enhancement with the Himem bioconstruct! It's been a common practice for those in the know to receive daily injections of beta-metalethetigine (Beta-MLG or Beta-M in common usage) in order to optimize memory function. The beta-M compound neutralizes the memory eroding action of acetylcholine and gives regular users incredible near-total recall of events and information. Now you can get that same level of performance and throw the airhypo away! HiMem is a pea sized bioengineered organ that nestles between the hemispheres of the forebrain and secretes high levels of beta-metalethetigine directly into the cerebrospinal fluid your brain floats in. You'll not only remember things long forgotten, but discover that memories "recorded" by the brain after HiMem implantation are more vivid and detailed than anything you've experienced before. Beta-M is only effective for skills and memories involving abstract thought, logic, mathematics, language, and visualization recorded in the cerebrum or neo-cortex. For game purposes its utility is limited to Intelligence based skills.
Level   Body Cost    Availability     Cost      Street Index
1       1            18/14 days       240,000Y  4
2       2            24/18 days       440,000Y  4
Level 1 provides a 25 percent reduction to the number of Good Karma points needed to increase skills gained through study and practice, instruction, or experience (gamemaster's discretion). Any character starting play with level 1 HiMem as an initial equipment purchase gains an additional 5 points for such skills during character generation. Level 2 halves the number of Good Karma required as above for any skill as deemed appropriate by the gamemaster. In addition, the subject is prone to losing herself in old memories and entering a blank eyed fugue state whenever using such a skill or trying to recall something from memory. On a roll of 1 on 1D6 the subject has entered fugue and will stay there for 2D6 minutes unless shocked out of it by loud noise or physical blows. Any character starting play with Beta level HiMem as an initial equipment purchase gets an additional 10 points for skills.


Legality: Legal
These days it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the game goes to the smartest player. Shukutei Biomed is proud to announce you don't have to worry about being second best when it comes to brains with the release of it's latest bit of bioware magic: the Mentor pineal gland bioconstruct. In the first five years of life a typical child has an incredible capacity to assimilate information that slowly disappears after that period. This awesome learning ability is the result of Natal Stimulation Compound (NSC), a hormone produced by the pineal gland that encourages brain cell growth in response to usage and acts on brain tissue rather like steroids on muscle tissue: the more demands placed on the brain the more it develops and the greater its capabilities. The Mentor is a genetically engineered version of the pineal gland keeps your brain bathed in elevated levels of NSC to boost every facet of your intellectual abilities. Go to the head of the class with Mentor!
WARNING: Level 3 is an experimental version of the upgraded level 2 and is not available on the open market. All statistics are conditional and unconfirmed. Vendors offering it for sale should be reported to Shukutei Biomed immediately!
Level   Intelligence   Body Cost    Availability    Cost        Street Index
1       +1             .3           6/14 days       30,000Y     2
2       +2             .6           6/14 days       55,000Y     2
3       +3             .9           10/20 days      100,000Y(?) 3(?)
With level 2, roll a Willpower(4) test (include wound modifiers) to avoid an epileptic seizure under any kind of stressful situation. If you fail you'll be incapacitated by a grand mal seizure, writhing on the ground in convulsions, for 2D6 minutes after onset. With level 3, about half of the test subject cohort have been inflicted with the conditional epilepsy found in the level 2 Mentor, while the other half develop particularly violent psycho-pathologies. Development trials are still underway.


"He was still coming! I'd put a zipper into him, honest to god blown his right arm off at the elbow, and he was still freakin' coming! I almost high tailed it right then, but whatever it was that kept him alive didn't seem to work once I nailed him in the head." -- Maria "Black Maria" Alviera, freelance security consultant


Legality: Legal
You'll never be out of breath again! The thick, flexible, muscular walls of the arteries expand when blood is pumped into them and then contract, pushing it onward and assisting the pumping action of the heart. The Enduro biomod re-inforces the muscle tissue of the arteries to increase their pumping action and accelerate blood flow throughout the body to give you the aerobic performance of an Olympic athlete.

Body Cost   Availability   Cost     Street Index
.25         6/7 days       6,800Y   1.5
Gives the subject a -1 target number for stamina-like tests.


Legality: Legal
Did you know your respiration was a lot more efficient before you were born? Oxygen was transported through your body using a molecule with a greater "attraction" for it than the massive hemoglobin molecule in the platelets circulating through your blood stream at this very moment. Now you can recapture that incredible efficiency, without the side effects of respiratory exhaust retention, with Clavisware's Metaheme viral transform therapy. Our custom engineered virus agents will modify your marrow stem cells to produce red blood cells carrying the metaheme mole-cule in place of hemoglobin. You'll see an instant increase in aerobic ability and overall athletic performance that sim-ply has to be experienced to be appreciated. Fine tune your body with a little help from Clavisware.

Body Cost    Availability   Cost     Street Index
.4           6/4 days       13,000Y  1
Subject gains a -1 target number for stamina-like tests and can hold his breath for double the normal base time (p.76, Fields of Fire and p.31, Shadowtech).


Legality: Legal
You'll keep going, and going, and going with the latest development in personal wound management from Con-Gen. A rapid drop in blood pressure causes rings of muscle spaced along the arteries of the limbs to contract and cut off blood flow to the injured area. Valves in the veins then slam shut and re-route circulation around the affected limb. Any tissue at the wound or lower is hamburger, but traumatic blood loss and further damage is prevented. Limb tissue below the wound site must be surgically removed and replaced with a cybernetic or vat grown alternative.

Body Cost   Availability    Cost     Street Index
.8          6/7 days        32,000Y  2
Automatically prevents further damage from blood loss after a Moderate or greater wound.


Legality: Legal
The Quickclot system relies on two bioengineered glands that produce and store the blood clotting compounds fibrin and fibrinogen. One gland is attached to the mesenteric artery where it branches into the femoral arteries lead-ing to the legs, while the other is located at the aortic arch where it branches into the axillary arteries to the arms and the carotid arteries to the head. Wounds that causes a drop in blood pressure or elevated levels of histamine trigger the nodes to release their contents and quickly seal off the site with a tough, fibrous scab.

Body Cost   Availability    Cost     Street Index
.5          4/7 days        25,000Y  2
All Physical (not Stun) wound states are treated as being one level less in severity (Moderate is treated as Light and has only a -1 penalty to Initiative and a +1 to all target numbers, instead of -2/+2) Serious becomes Moderate with -2 Initiative penalty and +2 target numbers, etc.) On the down side, each time a wound is taken the character must roll a natural Body (4) test to avoid a stroke or heart attack (automatic Deadly Physical and Stun damage) from clots lodging in the blood stream from the sudden release of clotting compounds.


"Let me tell you, I'm glad the poison didn't have time to take effect. I just wish I hadn't, uh, violently ejected it from my body in the middle of the annual corporate ball. Getting the tux dry cleaned was a real bitch."
-- Anton Lecar, VP Experimental Resources, PanOceanic


Legality: Legal
Your body wastes a significant portion of the food you eat because it's not designed to digest it, but with a little help from some bacterial friends you'll be squeezing every last bit of energy from your meals! When the afterburner is surgically implanted between your stomach and small intestine Genetek's custom designed E. Coli bacteria strains will convert indigestible cellulose and protein compounds into a form readily absorbed into your bloodstream. It's just the thing to keep your metabolism revving with limited intake.
Body Cost   Availability    Cost     Street Index
.4          4/3 days        4,000Y   1.25
Allows subject to function on half their normal food intake.


Legality: Legal
In the dog eat dog contest of the corporate world chances are you'll eventually be on the receiving end of a poi-soning attempt. Protect yourself with Toxin Screen: a cluster of sensory tendrils in the stomach that detects poison in any food or drink ingested and automatically trigger the stomach to empty by reflex vomiting. You'll sleep easier knowing you're protected by Genetek!
Body Cost   Availability    Cost           Street Index
.1/level    2+level/5 days  34,000Y/level  .9
Rolls a test pitting its level in dice against the Power Level of the toxin; if this test succeeds, it triggers the stomach to vomit the tainted food. Whether the toxin is effective before being voided is at the discretion of the gamemaster.


Legality: Legal
Rushed? Wish you could free up some more time in your day? Or are you planning a long duration trek and need to keep the weight to a minimum? Myogi comes to the rescue with the Kaloric: a secondary stomach chamber that empties into the small intestine in response to low blood sugar levels. You can eat when you have the time and the Kaloric won't send the food on to finish digestion until your body demands it.
Body Cost   Availability    Cost    Street Index
.75         4/6 days        3,000Y  1
Allows you to store up to a two-day food supply in the gut and function as though you'd been eating normally.



Legality: 5P-BC
Improve on the strength nature gave you with ConGen's finest cultured muscle tissue! The PowerAct line has an altered polycontractile protein structure featuring a contraction rate comparable to normal fast twitch muscle fibers with enhanced force output. After implantation you'll be bench pressing professional level weights and bending bars with the best of 'em!
Level  Body Cost   Availability   Cost     Street Index
1      .7          5/7 days       40,000Y  1
2      1.3         6/7 days       93,000Y  1
Level 1 weaves the cultured tissue into your existing musculature, improves Strength by +1 for the purposes of hand to hand combat damage and carrying capacity. Level 2 improves Strength by +2 as above.


Legality: 5P-BC
Looking for extra strength, but don't want to advertise it with massive layers of vat grown muscle rippling under your skin? Once again, ConGen has the answer! The Powermax Rebuild uses tissue from our proprietary muscle, ligament, and bone lines to reconstruct and relo-cate the skeletal anchor points of your muscles further away from the joints for enhanced leverage and strength per-formance. Corrective biosculpting during the Powermax operation prevents the absurd "long limbed" appearance so common with our competitors equivalent operations.

Level  Body Cost   Availability   Cost     Street Index
1      .7          5/7 days       36,000Y  1
2      1.4         6/7 days       69,000Y  1
Level 1 adds +1 to Strength for calculating damage in hand to hand combat and carrying capacity only. Level 2 adds +2 to Strength as above, and reduces Reaction by -1. Every time the subject uses his level 2 Powermax abilities, unless he has TuffBone, he takes 6L damage, against which no armor may be used.


Legality: 4P-BA
Get pumped, get tough, get the power! Originally developed as therapeutic treatment for age- or low-g induced osteoporosis, Genetek's TuffBone treatment utilizes custom designed biocompatible bacterial strains to increase your bone density for augmented skeletal strength and improved muscle anchoring. Just a few days after the initial injec-tions your bones will be fully colonized and begin bulking up with minerals deposited by the bacteria. Don't worry--we've made sure the process is self limiting and stabilizes in maintenance mode after reaching full development.

Level  Body   Body Cost   Availability   Cost     Street Index
1      +1     .5          6/14 days      12,000Y  1
2      +2     1           6/14 days      23,000Y  1
Level 1 increases weight by 5 percent, level 2 increases weight by 10 percent. Bone growth to limbs and facial structure decreases attractiveness somewhat.


Legality: 3P-BA
Throw away the garish ballistic coats and T-shirts, because all it does is attract unwanted attention. Shukutei's torso endoarmor protects your chest and upper abdomen by replacing your ribcage with a custom fitted internal shield of flexible bone plates sheathed in calcified cartilage that repairs itself if damaged. It won't trigger security sen-sors or reduce your agility, but it will stop rounds up to pistol caliber from hitting you where it hurts. This modification is compatible with virtually all other implant armor techniques.

Level  Armor  Body Cost   Availability   Cost     Street Index
1      1/1    1           8/8 days       50,000Y  .8
2      2/2    1.75        9/8 days       80,000Y  .9
3      3/3    2.5         10/9 days      120,000Y 1
Internal skeletal armor doesn't count against armor layering. If damage penetrates to the level of the internal armor, but is stopped by it, 4L damage is taken, against which no armor resists.


All of these bioware products use custom designed viral agents to modify the structure of the skin. The procedure is generally safe, but in 1 out of 10 cases the viral transformation triggers skin cancer that will take sophisticated treatment to cure. Treatment will take 2D6 months at a cost of 2,000Y/month.


Legality: Legal
Let others cower before the effects of the thinning ozone while you worship the sun! The new Sunblocker viral treatment modifies your dermal cells to manufacture a protein, originally derived from the skin of an Asian toad, that stays inert until ultraviolet light triggers a structure change. Within 10 seconds of exposure the protein "curdles" and begins absorbing 90 percent of the incoming UV and visibly darkens the subjects skin. This is a common modification for spacers and anyone worried about that nasty old hole in the ozone.

Body Cost   Availability    Cost     Street Index
.9          3/5 days        20,000Y  .8


Legality: 5P-BA
One of the strongest biological materials known to science is chitin, the tough, flexible biopolymer in the exo-skeletons of insects and crustaceans. Now you can harness that natural armor for your own use with ConGen's Kiten dermal plating. You'll be armored like an armadillo with hundreds of custom fitted plates designed to provide the maximum in protection and still allow free movement. Not only will you make an unforgettable impression with your appearance, but with the addition of appropriate air supplies your skin can act as a hazardous environment or vacuum suit! Not compatible with cyberware dermal plating or orthoskin. Sets of sealed goggles, earplugs, and face masks are available for converting your body into a self contained space suit.

Armor   Reaction   Body Cost   Availability   Cost     Street Index
2/2     -1         1.25        10/7 days      30,000Y  2
Prevents any kind of sunburn, reduces the risk of skin cancer induced by UV radiation to an insignificant level, and sunlight allergies are reduced by one level (Moderate becomes Mild, etc.).



Legality: Legal
Looking to make a fashion statement? Need an extra hand for orbital work? Either way, the best vat grown tails are brought to you by ConGen. With model 1, you have a tail. Pick the length and wag to your little hearts content. Model 2 gives you a fully functional prehensile tail, capable of grasping objects and lifting up to 5 kg.

Level   Body Cost   Availability   Cost     Street Index
1       .2          4/7 days       3,000Y   1
2       .7          6/7 days       15,000Y  1.25


Legality: Legal
The burgeoning oceanic population has created an intense demand for workers capable of long term work at moderate underwater depths. Now ConGen debuts the answer: the Seabreath respiratory rebuild. Our unique osmotic membranes are installed in flow channels located in slits between the ribs to maximize gas exchange with water passing through the mouth. By slightly reducing your excess lung capacity, and installing a secondary tracheal valve, we make it a simple matter to switch from breathing air to dwelling in the watery home of our ancient ancestors. After installing Seabreath we guarantee that whole new areas of underwater employment will open up to you or we'll re-fund your money! Take the first step towards a bright future today--call today to schedule your Seabreath rebuild.

Body Cost   Availability     Cost     Street Index
2           8/8 days         30,000Y  1
The user can breathe indefinitely in oxygenated water. The large absorption area of the gills make subjects with this modification es-pecially vulnerable to airborne toxins (+3 target number to Resistance Tests), and the delicate tissues of the gills are sensitive to dam-age (additional Light Wound from any blow to the torso for shock to the structure, gamemaster's discretion).


Legality: Legal
With biosculpt it's easy for anyone to get "the look," but now you can go beyond the purely cosmetic and into the realm of subliminal seduction! Once our Love Lure pheromone glands are implanted in your groin and underarm area they'll produce irresistible amounts of sex attractant scents, primarily the alpha-3 and beta-2 chemical groups, that induce rampaging sexual excitement and arousal. While designed to hit the opposite sex like a sledgehammer our pheromone glands can also be tailored for same sex effectiveness with only minor adjustments to your hormonal balance. Love Lure- it's just the thing to put a little erotic magic in your life.

Level   Charisma/Social Skills   Body Cost   Availability    Cost     Street Index
1       +1                      .25          10/14 days      18,000Y  2
2       +2                      .45          11/14 days      24,000Y  2
The Charisma/Social Skills increase only applies to seducing members of the opposite sex. For an additional 1,000Y Love Lure can be tailored for same sex effectiveness. Level 2 decreases the Charisma by -1 for dealing with the same sex from the triggering of a sub-missive response by excessive pheromone levels.


Return to your ancestral home in style! Our new webbing rebuilds let you move through the water with the greatest of ease--and with a speed that would put an unmodified Olympic swimmer to shame. Custom designed bone and skin lines are used to elongate your digits and create a froglike membrane of skin between them. See ya' at the beach!

Level   Body Cost   Availability    Cost     Street Index
1       .6          4/5 days        5,000Y   1
2       1.2         5/5 days        8,000Y   1.25
With level 1, your hands are webbed. See the rules on page 77 of Fields of Fire for swimming, but divide by 3 instead of 4. Level 2 is a rebuild of hands and feet. Divide the swimming distance by 2 instead of 4. Either level gives a -1 target number for the purposes of manipulation.



Legality: 3-B
You move through the night like a big cat--and now you can be just as dangerous! The ConGen bodyblade is a wickedly sharp non-retractable blade of polished bone on the side of the hand opposite the thumb perfect for slashing and puncture attacks in melee.

Damage    Conceal   Body Cost   Availability   Cost     Street Index
(str+3)L  8         .1          4/4 days       13,000Y  1
Increases all target numbers for manipulation by +1. For an additional 2,000Y you can purchase a hollow version for use with Venom glands.


Legality: 3-B
Nothing says "Back off!" like a smile featuring our massive canine teeth. Available in models suited for every metatype!

Damage            Body Cost   Availability   Cost     Street Index
(str)L, -1 Reach  .1          6/6 days       10,000Y  1
For an additional 1,000Y hollow incisors for use with Venom can be purchased. The hollow incisors must inflict at least a Light Wound for Venom glands to successfully inject toxin.


Legality: 3-B
Personal defense for the budget conscious. The Raptor package features blade like claws that retract into slits in the finger tips of both hands. Sharpening is not required, but claws are not firmly anchored to the underlying bone and can be ripped out during combat.

Damage   Body Cost   Availability   Cost     Street Index
(str)L   .2          6/4 days       15,000Y  1
For an additional 1,000Y claws are available in a hollow version compatible with Venom. The hollow claws must inflict at least a Light Wound for Venom glands to successfully inject toxin. If the Rule of One comes into play while using the claws, the claw is painfully ripped off (automatic Light Wound).


Legality: 2-B
Nature has gifted the venomous snakes of the world with one of the most useful defensive/offensive bioweapons ever devised. Why let the snakes have all the fun? The new Viper package from ConGen gives you a pair of needle-like teeth that fold down from the roof of the mouth when the mouth is opened wide. They can be used with the Venom option, but will only inject poison if the user consciously desires.

Damage   Body Cost   Availability    Cost     Street Index
(str)L   .2          8/7 days        30,000Y  1.25
When used with Venom the victim must take at least a Light Wound for the glands to inject toxin.


Legality: 6-D
The newest name in Bioware presents the newest idea in personal bioweapons. Our tailored viral agents modify selected hair follicles to produce sharp, needle-like spines for combat or fashion. You'll never have to worry about nasty old Mr. Security Scanner again! Quills cannot be Venomed, but you can have a Venom gland in your mouth and then lick them before use.

Level   Damage   Body Cost*   Availability    Cost*     Street Index
1       3L       .15          6/10 days       2,000Y    1
2       5L       .25          6/10 days       3,000Y    1
* Add 100Y and .05 Body Cost for every quill after the first. Level 1 quills are 2-3 cm long, cause 3L damage (use one-half Ballistic armor) in combat, takes 2 weeks to regrow after use, and can be used only once. Level 2 quills are 4-7 cm long, cause 5L damage (use one-half Ballistic) in combat, and take 4 weeks to regrow after being expended.


Legality: 2-BC
Simply the ultimate in biologically based personal weapons! Our Venom glands are custom built bioconstructs using your modified saliva glands to manufacture toxins that can be squirted out using muscular contractions. Venom glands are normally used with some kind of injector weapon, but can produce compounds absorbed through the victims mucous membranes for spitting. In terms of size and effectiveness there is no other bioweapon so cost effec-tive.

Body Cost   Availability    Cost                                     Street Index
.3          10/4 days       22,000Y + (20x cost of 1 dose of toxin)  3
Each gland holds two doses of toxin and replenish one dose every 24 hours. The subject is immune to their own toxin (gamemater's discretion).
It's possible to purchase black market Venom glands that produce any type of street or medical grade drug. Cost would be equal to 100Y multiplied the drug's Strength, and then by the drug's Tolerance. As an example, a Venom gland that produces cocaine (Strength 5, Tolerance 3) would have an additional cost of 1500Y, but would produce the drug for an unlimited time.

>>>>>[The availability of black market glands has led inevitably to gang activity centered around pushers who act as their own recreational drug factories. A twin pair of glands can produce four doses every day that can be administered using fangs or ab-sorbed through mucous membranes through kissing or sexual activity. The addictive nature of the drugs and intimate method of use has led to some interesting tribal groups held together by personality and mutual addiction. It's not unknown for pushers to recruit packs of "slaves" (junkies) that respond to their masters every whim in exchange for regular dosing. Goths seem especially attracted to the welcoming embrace of a Venomed tribal leader and will meet any attack on him with a berserk frenzy of violence. The power the head of this kind of gang has is phenomenal, since their drug may be unique and any attempt to align with a competing master would lead to nasty withdrawal symptoms.]$lt;<<<<
-- Jacqueline (17:26:28/11-7-55)



Legality: Legal
Whether you're spending time in the desert or in the tropics the new ileocecal siphon from ConGen can make your stay a pleasant one. This artificial organ coils around the inside of the large intestine and removes up to 80 per-cent of the water from the body's solid waste products.

Body Cost   Availability    Cost      Street Index
1.25        8/7 days        120,000Y  3
The Siphon's efficient recycling of fluid allows the user to function normally without water for 48 hours in a temperate climate, 24 hours in arid or hot conditions.


Legality: Legal
Whether you're traveling abroad or working with biohazardous agents, don't let an infection put you out of commission. Genetek's Optimmunal nodes are a matched pair of peanut sized organs implanted under the armpit area that increase the natural disease fighting abilities of the body. A network of fine tendrils spreads into the throat, sinuses, and lymphatic system of the upper body to constantly sample body fluids for the foreign antigens that iden-tify an invading bacteria or virus. Until activation the node simply acts as an additional reservoir and manufacturing sight for lymphocytes, the specialized blood cells that attack infections. When an infection is detected it releases the pool of lymphocytes from it's central bladder, chemically alerts the rest of the immune system, and goes into lymphocyte production overdrive. Say goodbye to sniffy noses forever!

Body Cost   Availability    Cost      Street Index
1.75        10/14 days      400,000Y  4
Gives the user 5 extra dice to resist any disease


Legality: Legal
Clear vision is a necessity for optimum performance in any environment. The new Optitect modification is a pro-tective third eyelid that can be opened or closed at will, is perfectly transparent, and keeps dust, gasses, and contami-nated water from damaging the eyes.

Body Cost   Availability    Cost     Street Index
.2          6/4 days        2,200Y   1.75
The user has a -2 target number bonus on all Resistance Tests (if any) against air or water born irritants including tear gas. If no Resis-tance Test is allowed, the irritant has its rating or target number modifier reduced by 1.


Legality: Legal
Shukutei Biomed introduces the perfect bioware for cold weather work or traveling the spaceways in cryosleep. The Freezeban gland is implanted in the chest cavity where it maintains your body with a constant supply of metagly-cogen, a chemical compound that prevents water in the tissues from forming ice crystals in below freezing tempera-tures.

Body Cost   Availability     Cost     Street Index
.7          6/6 days         35,000Y  1
The user becomes immune to frostbite and receives a -3 modifier to the target numbers for any cryosleep suspension and re-animation tests.


Legality: 5P-BB
From the culture labs of Shukutei Biomed comes the perfect accessory for your accelerated lifestyle. The Kickstart bioconstruct is a pink, globular organ that nestles behind the kidneys in the abdominal cavity and stores adrenalin and noradrenaline produced by the adrenal glands. When you really need it all it takes is a thought to flood your body with the stimulant perfected by nature for high level performance.

Body Cost    Availability    Cost     Street Index
1.1          10/14 days      56,000Y  2.75
Gain +1D6 Initiative dice for 2D6 turns. Maximizer can hold two "doses" of adrenalin, and takes 12 hours to collect one new dose after one if used.