Shadowrun Product Reviews: Net.Sourcebooks

Shadowrun is well-supported on the Internet, with unofficial publications appearing in many places. These can be downloaded free of charge, and are not official Shadowrun material, but they can add a lot to a game. It pays to evaluate each one before using it in a campaign, though.

For the purposes of this web site, a net.sourcebook is a file intended to be printed out, rather than for viewing on a computer. This means that web sites and other documents existing solely as HTML files are not considered to be net.sourcebooks, and thus will not be reviewed here.

If you have, or know of, any net.sourcebooks about Shadowrun that are not included on this page, please email about it. It would be much appreciated if you could send a short review in the same style as those posted here.

To find other Shadowrun-related sites on the internet, take a look at the Shadowrun Webring.

Net Enhancements for Role-Playing Shadowrun

NERPS is a mailing list on which net.sourcebooks for Shadowrun are written as a team effort; these are then edited by the NERPS Project Leader, and made available for download to everyone on the Internet.

Book Number
Edge Runners
Lost And Found

Plastic Warriors

Since these are created mainly by the same person doing these reviews, no reviews of Plastic Warriors books will appear here until someone else willing to write them can be found.

Book Number
Running Gear 0001
Tech Specs 0002
Project 3 0003
Chromebook Conversions 0004
Paranoid Animals of North America 0005
Blackhand's Street Weapons 2057 0006


This section contains the net.sourcebooks that are not really part of a series, but more a one-off effort on the part of the writers or editor.

Book Author/Editor
Edge Runners Erik Jameson
Harlekynz' Toys Paddy
Information Overload BulletShower
Jane's Rigger Registry 2058 Edition James W. Lindsay
The Really Complete But Still Pretty Un-Official Physical Adepts Handybook Brett R. Brown, Paolo Marcucci
The Underworld Opera Surplus Catalog Mike Ruane