Shadowrun Product Reviews: Errata

Unfortunately, mistakes sometimes (oftentimes?) slip into Shadowrun books, and luckily FASA brings out errata for some of those books. Following are all the official errata known at this moment.

Fields of Fire

Page 32: Colt M-23 Assault Rifle

Weapon statistics are fouled up. They should read as follows:

Type Conceal Ammo Mode Damage Weight Availability Cost Street Index
Assault 3 40 (c) SA/BF/FA 8M 4.5 6/36 hrs 950¥ 2

Page 59: BattleTac™ Integration System

Replace the final paragraph with the following:

"Using BattleTac™ requires Military Science skill, or preferably the Small Units Tactics Specialization of that skill, and the Special Skill BattleTac™ (acquired as per a General skill (see p. 190 SRII) after character generation). See also page 84 for more information."

Page 60: Target Designators

The range for the Microwave Designator should be 8,000 m, and the range for the Radar Designator should be 10,000 m.

Page 74: Ablative Vehicle Armor

Price is per point of the vehicle's original Body. Also, a motorcycle can mount up to one-half (round down) of its original Body.

Page 76: Jumping

A character can standing broad jump a distance equal to one-half (round down) his Strength, minus his body, for a minimum of one meter. If the character's Strength is less than his Body, add +1 to the Target Number of the Jumping Test.

Page 81: Off-Hand Training

The cost of the Special Skill: Ambidexterity is equal to 2 Skill Points per Skill Rating. Also, in the example, the modifier should be +2, not –2.

Page 84-85: Smartlink Level II

Replace the third paragraph with the following:

"Called Shots (p. 92, SRII) are easier to make with the Smartlink Level II. Apply a +2 Called Shot modifier (instead of the normal +4) when using the Smartlink Level II."

Page 85: Smoke Rules

The rate at which a cloud of smoke dissipates in the wind is noted incorrectly in the second paragraph. The duration of a blowing smoke cloud is found by subtracting the result of the wind strength D6 from 7, and in turn dividing that number into the indicated duration for the smoke. (So for example, a smoke mortar round explodes. Scatter (wind direction) is determined. Then another D6 is rolled for the wind strength; the result is 5 (a strong wind). Therefore, the smoke will only remain, blowing and dissipating in the direction of the wind, for 7 – 5 = 2, 4 ÷ 2 = 2 minutes before it offers no modifier. Also, the Table notation "In Minutes" should be under the third column, directly below "duration."

Page 91: Panther Assault Cannon Statistics

The cost of the Panther Assault Cannon is 7,200¥.

The Grimoire — The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy, 15th Edition 2053

>>>>>[Hey better this than a third edition]<<<<<
— The folks at FASA (Mess up again)

Spell Formulas

Drain Level Price
Light 50¥ x Force
Medium 100¥ x Force
Serious 500¥ x Force
Deadly 1,000¥ x Force

Enchanting Material Costs

Material Raw Form Refined Form Radical Form
Herbals 50¥ 100¥ 200¥
Crystals 100¥ 200¥ 400¥
Semi-precious Gems 200¥ 400¥ 800¥
Precious Gems 500¥ 1,000¥ 2,000¥
Iron 50¥ 100¥ 200¥
Copper 100¥ 200¥ 400¥
Silver 300¥ 600¥ 1,200¥
Gold 10,000¥ 20,000¥ 40,000¥
Mercury 600¥ 1,200¥ 2,400¥
Tin 30¥ 60¥ 120¥
Lead 30¥ 60¥ 120¥
Orichalcum 88,000¥ per unit

Magical Supplies

Name Availability Cost Street Index
Fetish Focus 3/26 hrs Rating x 3,000¥ 1
Ally Conjuring Materials (Force)/36 hrs 1,000¥ per unit 1
Ward Casting Materials (Force)/36 hrs 1,000¥ per unit 1
Watcher Casting Materials (Force)/36 hrs 1,000¥ per unit 1

Page 92: Wards

Replace the third paragraph of this section with the following: "Warding requires the magician to make a Sorcery Test against the desired Force Rating of the ward. The astral rating of the ward is equal to that Force Rating and it remains active for a number of days equal to the number of successes. The magician may choose not to use all his successes, making it easier to resist Drain for setting the wards."

Magic in the Shadows

Version 1.0, Date: 05/19/99

All changes will be reflected in the 2nd corrected printing of Magic in the Shadows. To determine which printing you have, consult the notation on p. 5 in the second column after the credits. No indication means first printing.

Page 6: Introduction

In the last sentence before Developer's Say remove the phrase "spell design templates" and replace it with "a spirit record sheet."

Page 98: Disruption

In the last sentence, replace p. XX with p. 92.

Page 108: Power of Allies

The page reference to Designing an Ally should be p. 110.

Page 109: Materialization

The page reference to Designing an Ally should be p. 110.

Page 114: Born Free

In the first column, second paragraph, last line, the page reference to Free Spirits and Karma should be p. 116.

Page 127: Rare Toxics

Replace (Domain Phenomenon, p. XX) with (Spontaneous Appearances, p. 98).

Page 147: Fashion

The Drain Code to Fashion should be +1(L)

Otaku Errata and Clarifications

Use the following rules changes and clarifications when generating otaku PCs or gamemastering the Whites. These rules are in addition to and supersede the rules for otaku that appear on pp. 142-48, Virtual Realities 2.0. These rules also make otaku compatible with SR3.

  1. Otaku must assign Priority A to Resources, and their lowest Priority to Magic.
  2. The Racial Modified Limits (p. 245, SR3) for otaku Mental Attributes are raised by 1, and lowered by 1 for Physical Attributes. This may affect their Attribute Maximums as well.
  3. The Channels skills are linked to Willpower. Otaku cannot default from a Channel to anything else. Channels may have specializations that mimic the effect of a specific utility.
  4. In order to use the Matrix, otaku require both a datajack and an ASIST converter, described below (it also appears on pp. 82-83 of Renraku Arcology: Shutdown). Otaku do not get these for free, they must be paid for during character creation.
  5. Hardening should be considered part of the Living Persona, not a Complex Form. Otaku have a Hardening equal to their Willpower ÷ 2, rounded up. This value can only be raised by increasing the otakuís Willpower Attribute. It cannot be purchased as a Complex Form.
  6. An operational utility (defined on p. 96, Virtual Realities 2.0) cannot be used as a Complex Form. In other words, otaku can only use Channels to reduce the difficulty of System Tests. Analyze, Browse and other operational utilities are available to otaku only as specializations of their Channels, not as Complex Forms. The only utilities that can be created as Complex Forms are offensive, defensive and special utilities.
  7. When creating an otaku character, Complex Forms do not require Karma. Characters may only start with one incomplete (programming in process) Complex Form.
  8. Otaku are considered to have enough "Active Memory" to adequately handle all of their Complex Forms. This "unlimited" memory is not usable for any other purpose.
  9. Otaku require some form of storage hardware (headware memory, off-line storage) in order to upload, download or otherwise manipulate files.
  10. As an optional rule, gamemasters may choose to allow otaku characters to start with a base Computer (Software [Programming]) Skill x 50 Mp of Complex Forms rather than requiring the new character to make all the "programming" dice rolls.
  11. Also as an optional rule, rather than starting out with a free Armor Complex Form equal to their characters' Willpower Rating, gamemasters may allow players to instead choose Sleaze equal to their characters' Intelligence or Camo equal to their Charisma.
  12. For otaku who wish to take advantage of satellite uplinks, gamemasters can introduce a Satlink Interface device at a cost of 2,000¥. This hardware is not dependent on the otaku's MPCP, as a deckerís satlink interface would be, because deckers must fine-tune their deck components to work together closely, while an otaku only needs to fine-tune himself to the Matrix.

ASIST Converter

This device converts simsense signals into something understandable to the metahuman brain, and vice versa. All simdecks, cyberdecks and remote control decks contain this technology. However, otaku who wish to jack into the Matrix without a cyberdeck need an ASIST converter to translate Matrix data to and from their datajack. ASIST converters come as external modules or as an integral datajack modification (which costs no extra Essence).

ASIST Converter Essence Loss Price Availability Street Index
External 50¥ 4/24 hrs 1
Datajack Accessory 0 1,000¥ 6/36 hrs 1.5

Prime Runners

v1.0, December 5, 1994

The following omissions have been noted in the Prime Runners sourcebook.

Ren Martindale (Page 42-43)

This character's list of skills was omitted.


Boat: 3
Car: 4
Etiquette (Corporate): 4
Etiquette (Media): 7
Etiquette (Street): 6
Firearms: 2
Interrogation: 7
Negotiation: 4
Stealth: 3
Special Skill
Nose for a Story: 6

Sutherland (Page 72-73)

This character's list of skills was omitted.


Car: 4
Computer: 14
Computer (B/R): 9
Computer Theory: 14
Electronics: 7
Etiquette (Corporate): 4
Etiquette (Street): 3
Firearms: 2(Pistols: 4, Predator: 6)
Knowledge (Music: 4*)
Physical Sciences: 4

Karl-Heinz Zessler (Page 76-78)

The character's correct name is Zessler, despite what the text says.

Shadowrun, Second Edition

v1.0 (8/92)

Hey, it's better than a third edition... —The Folks at FASA

Sometimes, no matter what you do, errors creep in. What follows is the official errata for Shadowrun, Second Edition. Most of these aren't as much errors as clarifications or reconsiderations of some rules after the book went to the printers. The relevant rules sections will be corrected in future printings. Enjoy.

Vehicles and Weapon Damage

An important point was inadequately made in the rules. On page 108 it speaks about comparing the Power of an attacking weapon against the Vehicle Armor Rating. It states that if the Power of the weapon does not exceed the Vehicle Armor Rating the attack will do no damage. This is true, except that when using Burst or Autofire (p. 92) the comparison should be made before the Damage Code is increased to account for the multiple rounds in the burst. So, a weapon with a base Damage Code of say 5M will not penetrate vehicular armor with a rating of 6 or higher, even if a burst is fired (adjusted Damage Code 8S). Note also that the Damage Code modifier for a Called Shot should be applied before the comparison.

Barriers and Weapon Damage

The references above to the Damage Code and Barrier Ratings hold for attacks against normal Barriers as well (p. 98).

Full-auto Shotguns

Shotguns capable of Full-Autofire mode (FA) should use the Heavy Weapon Recoil rules (p. 89) and recieve a Recoil Modifier of +2 per round, not the standard +1 per round.


Change the Drain Code of Mind Probe to [(F÷2)+2]D.

ShadowRun, Second Edition (Hardcover)

Page 32: Automatic Success and Failure

Ignore the notation about the rule of six giving an automatic success. That statement is wrong.

Page 32: The Rule of Six

Add: the rule of six does not apply to initiative (see p. 79).

Page 50: Combat Mage

The combat mage's Body should be 2 (3) and his dice pools: Combat: 7 (9) and Magic: 6 (8). His Heal Moderate Wounds: 3 spell should simply be Heal: 3.

Page 51: Decker

The decker's Reaction should read 5(9)* and her Initiative should read 5(9)* + 1D6(3D6)*. The askerisk still refers to Matrix-only initiative.

Page 54: Elven Decker

The elven decker's changes are the same as for the decker, p. 51.

Page 56: Former Wage Mage

The Heal Severe Wounds: 3 spell under the Fighter profile should read simply Heal: 3.

Page 57: Gang Member

The gang member has a projectile weapons skill of 3.

Page 59: Rigger

The rigger's Essence should be 1.35.

Page 62: Street Samurai

The street samurai's Quickness should read 4 (5), his Strength 6 (7), his Essence .1, his Combat Pool 7, and he should have only one level of Muscle Replacement.

Page 69: The Skill Web

Add a dot between the Firearms, Gunnery, Projectile, and Throwing skills and their respective (B/R) skills. Those four should resemble Armed Combat, like so:

Also, shift the dot associated with Conjuring in toward the skill, so that web-section looks like this:

Page 89: Ranged Combat Modifiers Table

Change the "Recoil, heavy weapon" modifier to "+1 per round fired that combat phase."

Page 89: Recoil

In the first paragraph, replace the second half of the paragraph starting with "full-autofire..." with the following: "full-autofire weapons take a cumulative +1 modifier for each round fired that combat phase. That is, a character choosing to fire a seven-round full-autofire burst receives a +7 modifier. If that same character chooses instead to fire two five-round full-auto bursts, he would have a +5 modifier for the first burst, and a +10 modifier for the second burst."

The final paragraph (top of second column) should read: "double the uncompensated recoil modifiers for medium and heavy machineguns (heavy weapons) and shotguns. If a medium machine gun is firing 10 rounds, and has six points of recoil compensation, its final modifier is +8 (4x2)."

Page 92-93: Full-auto Mode

Replace the sentence beginning "Each round fired..." with the following: "Each round fired inposes a +1 recoil modifier for the entire group."

Also replace the last sentence on the page with: "The power rating of the weapon increases by 1 point for every round fired in that full-auto burst."

The example has some errors. Replace the fifth to seventh paragraphs with the following:

"The first punk gets a three-round burst, which increases the damage code of the weapon to 10D. The three-round burst qualifies for 3 points of recoil, which the weapon compensates for. Punk 1: Damage Code 10D, target number 3.

"Punk 2 gets a three-round burst too, with the same healthy Damage Code of 10D. Now, however, six rounds have been fired so the total recoil modifier is 6. The weapon compensates for 3, leaving 3 for a +3 modifier. This is the second target of the combat phase, which adds another +2 modifier. Punk 2: Damage Code 10D, target number 8.

"Punk 3 gets the four-round burst (lucky her) that has a Damage Code of 11D. The recoil modifier is now +7 (10-3). Being the third target also means a +4 modifier added to the attack because of multiple targets. Punk 3: Damage Code 11D, target number 14."

Page 96: Strength Minimum Rating

Change the final sentence of the section to read: "A crossbow's Strength Minimum rating is used to determine its range."

Page 98: Grenade Blast Diagram

The "5S" notation in the right-hand diagram should read "4S," and the total blast consequently "20S."

Page 98: Barriers (General)

Add to the end of the page (column two): "Always use the base Power Rating of the round, unmodified for burst or full-autofire, for comparison against the Barrier Rating."

Page 102: Friends in the Melee

The "see page" reference for multiple opponents should read "this page" instead of p. 90.

Page 108: Vehicles, Weapon, and Magic

Third paragraph, change the second sentence to: "that is, if the base power of the weapon, unmodified by burst or full-autofire, does not exceed the rating of the vehicle armor, it will not penetrate."

Page 131: Spell Success Test

The final paragraph of the example should read: "Rolling the dice, Jason gets a total of 10 dice (4+6) against a target number of 6 (5+1). The results are 1,3,4,5,5,6,6,6,6,6. Five of the dice score 6, so there are 6 successes."

Page 144: Spirit Table

Under the nature spirits it should be the "hearth" spirit, not the "heath" spirit. There are no candy spirits in Shadowrun.

Page 151: Spell Directory

Change the "Type" of the spells Mana Bolt, Mana Missile, and Manaball to "Mana," rather than "physical" as listed.

Page 153: Mind Probe

Change the drain to [(F÷2)+2]D.

Page 155: Treat

Change the first sentence of the third paragraph to "Successes from the spell success test can be used to actually heal boxes of damage, or reduce the base time, as found on the following table."

Page 158: Spark

Change the duration of the spell to "instant."

Page 159: Table of Spells

Change the type of Mana Missile to "M," the Drain Code of Mind Probe to [(F÷2)+2]D, and the duration of Spark to "instant."

Page 168: Passive Alert

The second sentence should read "add 50 percent to the ratings of all IC."

Page 168: The Opposition

Use the Decker archetype instead of the Corporate Decker as noted; if the SRII Gamemaster Screen is available, then use the Corporate Decker.

Page 179: Damaging the Target

Remove the word "die" from the sixth line.

Page 202: Contacts

In the last paragraph, remove the word "half" from "...half the character's intelligence...".

Page 205: Corporate Security Guard

Add a Willpower attribute of 2.

Page 207: The Fixer

Add the skill "Equipment Acquisition: 4" skill.

Page 211: The Street Cop

Add a Willpower attribute of 3.

Shadowrun, Third Edition

Version 1.8, Date: 5/19/99

All changes will be reflected in the 6th corrected printing of Shadowrun, Third Edition. Items marked with a * were corrected in the 3rd printing, items with ** were corrected in the 4th.

To determine which printing you have, consult the notation on p. 5 in the third column after the credits. No indication means first or second printing.

Page 13: The Map, North America (circa 2060)

Added Tsimshian Nation

Page 21: 4th paragraph, second line.

The word "think" is corrected, the space between the letters is removed.

Page 35: second sentence, first column

Hyphen removed from the word technological.

Page 35: last sentence, second column

Period added to the end of very last sentence of chapter.

Page 40: Race

In the second column, remove the line from the paragraph on trolls " ... and less willful (lower Willpower)," and place the word "and" before "less acute."

*Page 47: Why do those people act that way?

The first two lines on this page, " ... wilderness to life in crowded city streets; though quite ... " are repeated from the bottom of page 46.

*Page 55: Full Magicians

In the second line of the first column replace the word Force with the word Karma.

Page 58: Troll Combat Mage Skills Example

In the second column, under the Active Skills list, the troll's Etiquette (Street) should be 2 (4).

*Page 59: Language Skills

The end of the third sentence should read, " ... equal to 1.5 x Intelligence Rating (round down)."

*Page 63: Dice Pool Example

The Combat Mage's Spell Pool dice calculation is wrong. The Spell Pool is 5. Even in 2060, 4 + 6 + 6 = 16, and 16 ÷ 3 = 5. The Dice Pool appears correctly on the Combat Mage record sheet, p. 326.

*Page 64: Sample Characters

The page reference for the record sheets should be 326.

Page 67: Combat Mage

Etiquette (Street) should be "2 (4)."

Page 71: The Investigator

His Electronics Skill should be 4.

*Page 75: The Street Samurai

This character was calculated with Resources at Priority A (1,000,000¥) and Attributes at Priority B. The priorities were simply mislabeled. The record sheet on p. 328 accurately reflects Resources at Priority A and Attributes at Priority B.

*Page 84: Specialization Example

This example includes text left over from an earlier version. Remove the final paragraph of the example.

*Page 108: Movement

In the second sentence of the second paragraph, replace the term "Combat Phase" with the term "Combat Turn." Replace the last sentence with, "Characters can begin the turn stationary and declare their movement during any subsequent Combat Phase."

*Page 108: Movement Rate

Add the word "maximum" before the words "Walking Rate" and "Running Rate."

Replace the second paragraph with the following text.

Movement during a Combat Turn is divided evenly between the turn's Initiative Passes. The maximum distance a character can move is equal to the character's maximum Movement Rate for the type of movement being used in that turn divided by the total number of Initiative Passes (rounding up) in that Combat Turn. The result is the maximum number of meters a character can move during each Initiative Pass. If the character moves at all (even a single meter), he is assumed to be moving at the rate he declared and suffers the appropriate movement modifiers to his actions. If the character does not move, he must still reduce his maximum available movement for the turn by the number of meters allowed in each pass. Characters may continue to move during passes in which they have no available actions, moving their maximum distance for that pass after all other characters have taken their actions.

Replace the example with the following text.

Twitch the elf samurai has a Quickness of 6. His maximum Running Rate is 18 meters (6 x 3) and his maximum Walking Rate is 6 meters. There are 3 Initiative Passes in the current Combat Turn, which means that Twitch can run for 6 meters or walk for 2 meters during each Initiative Pass. Because Twitch is standing still and firing his gun for the first pass, the movement mode doesn't matter. But his target decides to run, so on Twitch's Combat Phase of the second Initiative Pass, he declares he will run. He moves 6 meters for this pass, and if he continues to run through the next pass he will run 6 more (for a total of 12 for the entire Combat Turn). Because Twitch did not move in the first pass, he "loses" those 6 meters.

**Page 111: Weapon Range Table

The Long Range target number for a Grenade Launcher is 8; see p. 119, SR3.

Page 115: Full-Auto Mode

Add the following line to the second paragraph — "Weapons capable of full auto fire can fire up to 10 rounds in one Combat Phase."

Page 121: Whips

In the second paragraph, remove the phrase "Armed Combat" and replace it with "Whip"

*Page 122: Whips

Replace the third sentence on the page (second paragraph) with, "Double the Impact Armor Rating against normal whips. Normal whips may snare their victim (see p. 276)."

Page 123: Damage Resistance Test

Replace the part of the sentence that reads "minus the defending character's Impact Armor Rating" with "minus their Impact Armor Rating."

Page 132: Decelerating Example

In the last paragraph, Chazz should be making a Crash Test, not a Body Resistance Test. (If you are using Rigger 2 rules, then the Body Resistance Test is correct.)

Page 153: Sensor Enhanced Gunnery Example

Replace the second to last sentence on the page (beginning with "That produces a result of 0 ... ") with "That produces a result of 2 (5 - 3)."

*Page 169: Improved Physical Attribute

In the second paragraph, replace "racial maximums" with "racial modified limit."

*Page 174: Astral Combat Tests

In the second sentence of the third paragraph, replace "Armed Combat" with "an armed combat skill."

*Page 176: Astral Objects

The last sentence in the first column contains a typographical error. The word "fopcus" should be "focus."

*Page 181: Spell Learning Example

Replace second paragraph with the following text:

Alternately, if Bones decided he could risk the physical Drain and wanted to make the Fireball spell easier to learn instead, he could apply the –2 modifier to the Force of the spell, reducing both the target number and the Karma cost. His target number would be 14 (8 x 2 = 16 and 16 – 2 = 14) and he needs to spend only 6 Karma.

Page 181: Spellcasting

Hyphen removed from the third word "specialization."

Page 181: Preparation

In the fourth paragraph in the second column, hyphen removed from the "Conversely."

Page 182: Sorcery Test

Add the following sentences to the fourth paragraph, before the sentence that begins "Consult Object Resistance Table ... "

"The Force of the spell must be equal to or greater than half the Object Resistance, rounded down, for it to affect an object. Vehicles add Body and half armor (round down) to Object Resistance before dividing in half."

*Page 183: Spell Effect

Add the following sentence to the end of the third paragraph.

"For any spells that damage the target, stage up the Damage Level for every 2 net successes."

Page 186: Summoning Elementals

The first sentence of the second paragraph should read "If the Conjuring Test is successful, the conjuring materials are used up, and the elemental materializes before its summoner, outside the hermetic circle."

Page 190: Expendable Spell Foci

Add the phrase "to cast" after the phrase "Exclusive Complex Action" in the last sentence of the first paragraph.

*Page 192: Analyze Device

Change the second sentence as follows. "Every two successes gives the character a single skill point in a corresponding or logical Background or Build/Repair Skill Rating for the device in question, up to maximum skill rating or bonus equal to the Force of the spell."

*Page 192: Combat Sense

The Force of the Combat Sense spell limits the success of the spell. Replace the sentence, "Every 2 successes on the Sorcery Test add 1 die to the subject's Combat Pool for the duration of the spell." with, "Every 2 successes on the Sorcery Test add 1 die to the subject's Combat Pool for the duration of the spell, up to a maximum bonus equal to the Force of the spell."

Page 193: Detect Magic

Target: should read "See table p. 192" and the Drain should read "L."

*Page 193: Detox

Change the first sentence as follows.

"Detox relieves the effects of a drug or poison as long as the Force of the spell is equal to or greater than the Power Rating of the toxin."

**Page 194: Heal and Treat Spells

Replace the first sentence of the second paragraph with the following

Treat must be applied within one hour of injury, but it takes only half the normal time (round down) for the spell to become permanent. Heal may be applied anytime.

*Page 194: Healthy Glow

Replace the second half of the final sentence beginning with

"... the effects of the spell do wear off over time ..." with, "... the spell wears off in Force x 24 hours."

*Page 194: Stabilize

Add the following sentence after the first sentence.

"The spell's Force must be equal to or greater than the overflow damage taken by the character for this spell to have any effect on the injured character."

*Page 198: Armor

Replace the text of this spell with the following text (the printed text is an old version of the spell).

This spell creates a glowing field of magical energy around the target that protects against impact and ballistic damage. One success is enough to create the magical field around the character of an Armor Rating equal to the Force of the spell. The Armor spell is compatible with all armor types and adds its rating to the rating of the physical armor being worn. This spell either works or it doesn't; extra successes do not add additional points to the Armor Rating.

*Page 198: Ice Sheet

In the second sentence, replace "Quickness (6) Test" with the following text: "... Quickness (Force) Test to avoid falling prone, adding +1 to the target number for every 2 successes, up to a maximum bonus equal to the Force of the spell."

*Page 198: Ignite

Add to the end of the third sentence, "... limited to a number of successes equal to the spell's Force."

*Page 221: Track

In the second sentence of the second paragraph, remove the words "freeze or" and change the word "IC" to "utility."

Page 229: Rippers

The last sentence of the first paragraph should read, "Replacing the MPCP is the only way to restore this damage."

*Page 244: Exceeding the Racial Modified Limit

In the last sentence of the first paragraph, the cost of the improvement is 21 Good Karma Points, not 14.

*Page 244: Improving Skills

In the second sentence, add the word "natural" before the phrase "Attribute Rating."

*Page 245: Skill Improvement Cost Table

The cost for Knowledge/ Language Specializations should read as follows:

Less than or equal to Attribute Rating .5
Less than or equal to (2 x Attribute Rating) 1
More than (2 x Attribute Rating) 1.5

Page 254: Searching the Matrix

In the third paragraph, the second sentence should read, "The maximum number of searches that a decker can conduct at any one time is equal to half the character's Intelligence, rounded up."

*Page 265: Movement

The Movement power rules were expanded for the Critters book in the Shadowrun, Third Edition Gamemaster Screen and should read as follows:

The being may use the Movement power to increase or decrease a target's movement rate within the terrain it controls by multiplying or dividing the target's movement rate by the being's Essence.

When the Movement power is used on vehicles, the critter makes an Essence Test with a target number equal to half the vehicle's Body. Multiply the successes by the vehicle's Acceleration Rating and add the result to or subtract it from the vehicle's Speed in the next Combat Turn (similar to the vehicle making an Acceleration or Deceleration Test). The critter may continue making Essence Tests to increase or decrease the vehicle's speed each Combat Turn it sustains the Movement power. Depending on the situation, this change in speed may call for a Crash or Stress Test.

*Page 266: Nature Spirits

The text header Spirits of Man is missing from the stat block at the bottom of the second column.

*Page 273: Legality Codes

The last sentence of the first full paragraph in the second column contains a page XX reference. Cut this reference, as Permits, the section referred to, appears at the bottom of the page.

Page 273: Making Legal Purchases

Put a space between "p. 239" and "Running the Shadows."

Page 275: Personal Weapons Table

Move Combat Axe to under the Pole Arms/Staffs header (it should not be under Edged Weapons).

Page 275: Monofilament Whip

In the second paragraph, replace "Armed Combat Test" with "Whip Test."

Page 276: Impact Projectile Weapons Table

The heavy crossbow's Damage Code is 6S.

Page 278: Firearms Table

In the listing for the Defiance Super Shock, add the word "Stun" after the 10S Damage Code.

Page 282: Explosives

Put a space between "p. 118" and "of."

*Page 284: Clothing and Armor Table

The stats for Camo Full Suit and Camo Jacket were reversed and should read as follows:

Conceal Ballistic Impact Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legality
Camo Jacket 3 1 1.5 4/36 hrs 800¥1 Legal
Camo Full Suit 5 3 2 5/36 hrs 1,200¥ 1 Legal

*Page 285: Armor and Combat Pool

In the second sentence of the first paragraph, the text should read, "... for every 2 points of Ballistic and Impact" not "Ballistic or Impact." This also changes the last sentence of the example in Layering Armor to read that Twitch loses 2 dice from his Combat Pool.

Page 285: Shelter

Put a space between "p. 239" and "Running the Shadows."

*Page 294: Security Countermeasures Table

The stats for Wire Clippers did not appear on this table.

Conceal Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legality
Wire Clippers 12 1 Always 25¥ 1 Legal

Page 296: Memory Size

Change the page reference to p. 223, and follow it with a space.

*Page 302: Bodyware Table

The Essence cost for Skillwires should be .2 x Max Rating.

Page 303: Cyberdecks and Programs

Change the page reference to p. 223.

*Page 305: Stimulant Patch

The fifth sentence should read as follows. "... the magician must follow the procedure for possible Magic loss ... ."

*Page 307: Vehicle Weapon Mounts

In the last paragraph of this section, add the following text to the end of the second to last sentence "... but each missile or rocket will reduce the aircraft's Load Rating."

Page 307: Ares Vermicide Autocannon

Replace "single-shot" with "semi-auto."

**Record Sheet

In the Corrected 4th Printing, the Vehicle box on the record sheet has been corrected to include Armor, Signature, Sensor, Cargo Factor and Load.

Shadowrun, 3rd Edition, Gamemaster Screen and Critters Book

Version 1, Date: 5/19/99

All changes will be reflected in the 2nd corrected printing of the Shadowrun, Third Edition Gamemaster Screen and Critters book.

To determine which printing you have, consult the notation on p. 3 in the third column after the credits. No indication means first printing.

On The Screen

Resolving Ranged Combat Table

Point 4 should read as follows:

  1. Resolve Dodge Test (Combat Pool against TN 4 plus modifiers; if defender's successes exceed attacker's, the attack misses).

In Critters

Page 8: Cold Aura Power

Change Range to Self

Page 16: Creating Mutant Critters

Change the last sentence of the second point to read:

If a creature has a paranormal ability, reduce its Essence by 3 (to a minimum of 1), but any Essence-based power (for example, fear) functions at the creature's old Essence Rating (usually 6) plus half the difference between the new and old ratings (round up).

Page 17: Creating Mutant Critters Example

Change entire paragraph to read:

If the bear hit an unarmored character with its corrosive secretions power, that character would have to make a Damage Resistance Test at 9L—the bear's old Essence of 6 plus half the difference between ratings (6 – 1 = 5, divided by 2 = 2.5, rounded up to 3).

Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows

Version 1.1

Page 21

Corrected Line, first column, third paragraph.

Physical adepts still only receive a number of points equal to the character's Magic Rating for buying powers (see p. 125, SRII)

Page 28

Corrected Line, first column, under Combat Paralysis.

... assume the result is the minimum the character can roll...

Page 33

Corrected Line, inside table, under Summoning Talent.

The character does not need to have the Conjuring Skill to have this talent.

Page 36

Add this line to the end of column two.

In animal form a shapechanger cannot use his or her physical adept powers. They are only usable in human form.

Page 42

Corrected Line, first column, second paragraph

At the gamemaster's discretion, players creating magical Oni characters may select Resources as Priority A, Race as Priority B and Magic as Priority C. All non-magical Oni use the regular metahuman Priority assignments.

Shadowrun Companion (Revised for SR3)

Version 1.0, Date: 5/19/99

All changes will be reflected in the 2nd corrected printing of Shadowrun Companion (revised for SR3).

To determine which printing you have, consult the notation on p. 4 in the second column after the credits. No indication means first printing.

Page 14: Attributes Example

Change the last sentence of the last full paragraph to read:

He now has (123 – 60 =) 63 Building Point left.

Page 15: Resources Example

Change the first sentence to read:

Anton has 15 Building Points left, which he spends to get 200,000 nuyen.

Page 74: Amerindian Tribesperson

Under Active Skills: Biotech and Etiquette should both be rated 3.

Page 75: Company Man

Under Active Skills: Etiquette should be rated 4.

Page 76: Gang Leader

Under Active Skills: Etiquette should be rated 3.

Page 77: Plainclothes Cop

Under Active Skills: Etiquette should be rated 4.

Page 78: Snitch

Under Active Skills: the skill should read Etiquette 2 (Street 4).

Page 78: Street Doc

Under Active Skills: Computer should be rated 3.