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7401: Sprawl Maps

Released: 1994
ISBN: 1-55560-216-9
Price: $15.00
Pages: "8" (there's 8 maps, a thick paper sleeve and a thick piece of cardboard in the plastic wrapper)
Status/Availability: out of print/very rare
Sections: Nightclub, Apartments, Indoor/Outdoor Park, Subway/Monorail Cars, Monorail Station, Warehouses
Overview: A set of maps for use with DMZ. If you like that game and play it a lot, I guess you should buy this one as well. As I've recently come into possession of Sprawl Maps, I can now say something more about them than these reviews did previously. First of all, the maps are nicely produced and look rather good, being full-color and all. There are eight sheets, but only seven maps, as the Nightclub map consists of two sheets (which, incidentally, don't line up very well). The sleeve around the maps contains a bit of text about each map, pointing out some features that will be handy to know when using the maps in a game. Since the DMZ dot pattern is printed on the maps, they can be used in that game easily, but unfortunately the dots are only printed inside each building, not on the streets outside (or better: in the emptiness outside, as each building apparently stands on a featureless, gray plain). The result is that it's hard to line them up properly with the other DMZ maps, and movement by characters outside the buildings can be difficult to assess.
Unless you're desperate for new maps for DMZ, there really isn't much need to buy this set. It can also be useful if you want maps for a normal Shadowrun game, though the price seems a bit high to me for just that.
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Survey Rating: 6.0 (11 votes)